Top Pick!

We're honored to be chosen as a 2023 Top Pick by MaskNerd Engineer Aaron Collins!

Check out Aaron's Top Picks video below (BreatheTeq at 14:25), and his detailed review further down our homepage.

Try the most breathable mask on the market

The breatheTeq™ KN95 is Canadian designed and built for easy breathing and maximum comfort.

BreatheTeq's advanced filtration technology lowers breathing resistance, making it 40% more breathable than typical KN95s while still achieving >95% media particulate filtration (PFE 0.075μm NaCl).

The soft fabric and premium aluminum nose strip ensure maximum comfort and less glasses fogging.

Once you experience a breatheTeq KN95, you'll never want to wear anything else.

Try a couple of sizes to see which one fits your face the best. Or try our convenient sizing kit.

Next Level Breathability

Breathability is key to comfort. Our KN95 is breathable enough for breathing conditions, brisk walks, stair climbing, and even sports. Don't let your mask slow you down.

Aaron Collins Reviews BreatheTeq KN95

You may know engineer Aaron Collins by his alter ego @masknerd. Check out his glowing review of BreatheTeq, starting at 1:34:08.

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